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Accordion Player and New Record Label in Friday Harbor, WA

If you’ve been to the inn, you know the Tucker House is a fairly prominent sight: two beautiful old homes nestled amidst lovingly tended gardens and magnificent old trees in a residential area of town.  Perhaps because it looks so inviting, or maybe because of our reputation for friendly staff, all kinds of people stop by to visit.

Recently we were serenaded by a strolling accordion player – no, I am NOT making this up!  His name is Josh Spiegel, and his music was absolutely mesmerizing – a unique blended style unlike anything I’ve ever heard.  We’re not talking polkas here, folks; I don’t know exactly how to describe it but it seemed like a fusion of Balkan-Latin-Gypsy-Folk Rock.  I know, it sounds atrocious, but I assure it, it was refreshingly unique.  If he had a CD I would have bought it on the spot.

Josh has been playing piano, organ and accordion since he was a kid growing up in eastern Washington, his favorite being Latin piano.  “I couldn’t fit a piano in the Subaru so I brought my accordion” he quips.  Josh and his long-time island friend Kels Boreen, both multi-instrumentalists and multi-stylist musicians, have spent the last two years developing a “collective music label.”  According to Josh, “Good music wilts with money.”  The premise of their label is that every artist owns their own material and pays it forward.  They are “an alternative and collective record label created with the intention to help grow, nourish and sustain great independent music.”

In the meantime, Josh plays private and public musical gigs where he can find them, and works as a handyman and networking engineer to make ends meet.  Connect with him through the Kels Boreen Project on Facebook.

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