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Beth’s Helpful Household Tips: A Green Way to Clean Baking Sheets

Dirty Baking Sheet cleaning tricks Beth, our Guest Services Coordinator, has become a cleaning machine around the inns. When she’s not setting up activities for guests or answering the phone, she’s craning her head into cupboards and closets, making sure everything is tidy and dirt free.

Though she stays out of the kitchen (that’s Molly’s domain), she gave us a tip for getting the built-up crud off baking sheets; we ALL have those nasty but favorite baking sheets, don’t we?

Here’s what you do: Cover the sheet with a heavy layer of baking soda, then sprinkle it with hydrogen peroxide. Follow that with another layer of baking soda, so that you have a thick skin of this mixture on the pan, about like good frosting on a cake. Let the mixture sit for at least two hours, four or more would be better. Then wipe it off, simple as that.

A note from Stephanie, if you have extra tough stuff on there, a cooper scrubbie works wonders, much better than steel wool or a nylon sponge.


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