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Farewell Dear Friend

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Mollie and Dave, Mt. Young English Camp San Juan IslandApril 27 was a blue Tuesday for all of us at the Inns.  Our beloved yellow lab, Mollie, was having great difficulty throughout the day, and took her last breath about 5:00 that evening.

In the early days of the Inn, Mollie would greet guests and welcome all, but as her arthritis and stomach problems advanced, she became increasingly reclusive.  It was only through the devoted care of Innkeeper Erin Dannelly that Mollie lived to her remarkable old age of 14 years.  Erin developed a special raw-food diet for Mollie, made with the same organic, sustainably-grown islands food products that we serve at the Inns and restaurant, often feeding Mollie by hand if Mollie wasn’t quite up to standing.  You know how labs are; they love to eat, no matter how bad they feel.  But when Mollie stopped wanting to eat, we all knew her days were numbered.

Erin also created an entire line of dog treats in multiple flavors, so that Mollie could enjoy treats just like everyone else.  But it wasn’t only Mollie who delighted in these special biscuits.  Erin started selling them at the local farmers’ market and they became a big hit with island and visiting dogs alike.  Mollie’s Meals and Treats, each batch hand-made by Erin in our commercial kitchen, are now sold in stores throughout the islands as well as on-line.

Though people and dogs are coming and going throughout the inns as the busy season ramps up, there is still a feeling of emptiness for us.  We all miss Mollie’s presence, her sweet face coming up to greet us good morning, her quiet breathing as she lay on her bed in the business office.  She touched us all, and lives on in our hearts.  Farewell dear friend.

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