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The Most Exhilarating Way to Travel to the San Juan Islands

Calling all Pacific Northwest Residents! I’m going to paint two pictures for you. Once I do, you tell me which route you’d like to take!

Take One: The Traditional Method

You’ve been putting in long hours at work and you’re ready for a much needed escape. You decide, hey, let’s go to the San Juan Islands this weekend for some fun and relaxation. So you pack up your car and hit the road for the weekend. You’re about 10 minutes into your journey and you make it onto the highway. Oh no. Stop and go traffic per usual. You’re already a little antsy, but you calm yourself down by saying it’s okay because you’ll be there soon enough. Whoops, you accidentally cut someone off. They slam on their horn and flip you the bird. Okay Okay, remain calm still. You’re almost on vacation.

You finally get rolling at a decent pace and your excitement levels begin to pick up again. Shoot! You swore you put gas in the car. Now you’ve gotta exit and fill up before you keep going. You tell yourself, once you merge back on you’re home free. And you are! You make it to the ferry terminal just in time to catch your ferry. Once you make it on the ferry, you quickly turn off your car and head up to the passenger deck. You sit down at one of the puzzles you’ve been looking forward to completing while you sail. Ahhhh. All is right in the world. And then the baby at the table over starts screaming…Oh boy…

Okay so it’s not quuuuite that dramatic. But you get the idea! Personally, I love traveling by the ferry, but that’s not to say it can’t be a little draining at times. What if I told you there was a way to alleviate that exhaustion and replace it with adrenaline and excitement?

Take Two: Off the Beaten Path…Literally!

This time, you skip straight to the good stuff. No matter where you are in the Pacific Northwest, there is always the option to fly. Western Aviation has planes that can fly out of major (and some minor) cities in Washington, Oregon, and even Canada. They fly out of over 500 airports! So what does this mean for you? Your travel plans just got a whole lot easier.

First you decide, hey, I want to go to the San Juans. You give Westwind Aviation a call, they’ll hook you up with all of your flight details. Then, you drive to the nearest airport, hop on a plane, and you’re off! Not only are you decreasing your travel time, but you also experience a whole new world .

Don’t just take my word for it, see what past Westwind Aviation patrons have said!

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