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Guest Book: Emergency Numbers & Procedures

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In the event of a serious, life-threatening emergency, please dial 911, then contact an Innkeeper, 360-378-3587. We will do everything we can to assist you while waiting for emergency personnel. In the event of a minor emergency, please contact the Innkeepers first. They will assist in dispatching appropriate emergency personnel.

On the back of all guest room, suite and cottage doors, there are signs showing emergency exits. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the maps and the various exits available to you.


Remain calm. If there is a fire, please exit as quickly as possible. If there is little or no smoke present, head for the nearest exit, staying low to the ground and close to the wall. Bring a wet cloth to place over your mouth to ease breathing. Exit with caution. Check all doors with the back of your hand for heat before opening. If a door feels hot, DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR; look for another exit. If your guestroom door is blocked by smoke or fire and there is no alternate exit, stay in your room.

If you are blocked in your room, stay calm and do the following:

  • Fill your  bathtub and all wastebaskets with water. Soak all towels and cloths. Put a wet towel under the door to keep smoke and fire from entering; re-wet as necessary using wastebasket water.
  • Remove drapes from windows so there is nothing blocking a potential exit or creating fuel for a fire. Hang a wet towel or wet drapes outside of your window to signal your location to fire fighters. Keep moist washcloths over your mouth to prevent smoke inhalation.

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