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All accommodations have clock radios for your convenience and wake up alarms. When setting your alarm, please double check to ensure that the time is correct as well as ‘AM’ vs. ‘PM’; also check to make sure that the alarm button is on and volume is audible. Please let us know if you need assistance in setting your alarm. In consideration of other guests, we ask that you please shut your alarm off before vacating your room.


If you and your guest want a ‘couples’ night on the town, let us know and we can provide you with a list of sitters to interview.


We hope that you enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep on our feather top mattresses. If you would like to have one for your home, let us know and we will have one drop shipped to your door! Call our Guest Services Coordinator, 360-378-3587, for details. We have allergy-proof covers on the feather top mattresses and comforters, so those with allergies can still enjoy the coziness of the bedding. Some guests prefer a firm mattress; if you find our feather tops are too soft, please let an Innkeeper know and we will have our housekeeping staff remove it the next day when they attend to your room for your second night. We want you to be completely comfortable


Complimentary hybrid bikes and kayaks are available for our guests.  Please ask an Innkeeper for a Waiver of Liability; return it completed and signed so that you may use the equipment at your leisure. Youth under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf. It is mandatory that cyclists wear helmets and kayakers wear personal flotation devices.

We ask that guests without prior kayaking experience, or those with young children, refrain from using our kayaks. While the waters around the Islands are quite alluring, we ask that you respect this ecosystem; the water is 45°F year round and the currents are quite dangerous. For a safe family outing, our Guest Services Coordinator will be happy to recommend several local outfitters that specialize in family trips.


Printonyx (360-378-2069), located at 470 Reed Street, Friday Harbor, is the place to go for all of your business copying needs. They can handle everything from simple copy jobs to large-scale color and collating jobs, binding, brochure design or receipt of large faxes.

If you need to receive or send a short fax, let one of the Innkeepers or our Guest Services Coordinator know and we will be happy to assist you. The fax number at the Inn is 360-378-2270.


We offer onsite and offsite catering. Please reserve a minimum of 7 days in advance for catering orders, depending on the size and complexity of your function. Smaller, simpler gatherings might require less notice. Please contact our Guest Services Coordinator for details.


1)      Place French Press on a dry, non-slip surface. While holding the handle, pull the knob up to remove the plunger unit with lid from the pot. (Optional: to keep your coffee hot even longer, preheat the pot by filling it with hot water and letting it stand for a few minutes. Discard water before proceeding to next step.)

2)      Fill the pot with coarse ground coffee (never use fine ground, which may clog the filter.) We recommend 1 heaping tablespoon of coffee per 4 ounces of water.

3)      Pour hot (not boiling) water into the pot. Leave at least 1 inch of space at the top. Stir with a spoon.

4)      Place the plunger unit on top, leaving the plunger in the raised position (do not press down yet.) Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.

5)      With the spout turned away from you and others, hold the pot by the handle, and push the knob straight down, slowly and with minimal pressure. This lowers the filter to the bottom, capturing coffee ground beneath the filter. In the event it is too difficult to push down, remove the plunger, stir; replace plunger, and press down again. Please be aware that excessive force or pushing down too fast can cause scalding liquid to shoot out of the pot.

6)      Pour and enjoy your coffee.


All of us at the Harrison House and Tucker House strive to provide a quality guest experience. If we missed the mark in some area, we would like the opportunity to make things right immediately. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL CHECKOUT OR AFTER YOU HAVE RETURNED HOME TO LET US KNOW YOUR NEEDS. We will do our best to rectify the situation while you are still here. If you have time before you leave, please take a moment to complete our feedback form; if there is not one in your room, our Guest Services Coordinator will be happy to provide one, 360-378-3587.


If you need assistance in booking island activities, transportation to Sidney, B.C. or Seattle, dinner reservations, massage and spa services, or anything else, please contact our Guest Services Coordinator, 360-378-3587. We will make every effort to assist you.


Relive the great breakfasts at home! The Inn’s cookbook, La Cucina Anna Maria:  Good Life Recipes from San Juan Island, is available for sale at $24.95. We will be happy to have it personally inscribed for you. Please ask an Innkeeper to assist you.


Sunshine Dry Cleaning (360-378-7223), a block away at 80 Web Street, is the only Dry Cleaning service on the island. Please note, all items are sent off island for cleaning, so one-day service is not available.


San Juan Island Fitness Center (360-378-4449) offers fitness classes (yoga, spinning, strength training and step aerobics.) It is a full service facility with Nautilus machines, free weights, racket ball courts, lap pool, family salt water pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub. They offer $20 daily passes for classes and use of the entire facility. The fitness center is at 435 Argyle Street, next to Radio Shack, across from the Big Store and gas station.

Xtreme Fitness (360-370-5636), at 68 Salt Springs Road off Beaverton Valley Road, offers state of the art equipment and cardio entertainment space. If you would like group training or need some “alone time” with a heavy bag, you’ll find it at Xtreme Fitness.

There are numerous yoga, pilates, zumba, and dance classes in town; please call our Guest Services Coordinator, 360-378-3587, for recommendations.


Each guest room has its own guest book hand made by a local artist. We appreciate your taking the time to let us and future guests know your favorite experiences at Tucker House Inn or Harrison House Suites and your stay on the island. We also have an electronic guest book on Trip Advisor, Bed and, Facebook, and blogs for both properties on our websites. We invite you to share your thoughts about your stay online as well.


Our guest laundry is available between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. It is located at the lower Tucker House facing Nichols Street between the Goose in the Pond Cottage and Victoria’s Flower Garden sun room. Facilities are complimentary and are stocked with laundry soap, dryer sheets, iron, and ironing board for your convenience. If there is something missing, please contact an Innkeeper.


Guests are invited to enjoy complimentary use of the shared outdoor hot tub between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Located at the Harrison House, up the stairs across from the Garden Room Café, this hot tub seats six.

We ask that you observe our house rules regarding safe hot tub use:

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pregnant women and those with high blood pressure use the hot tub at their own risk.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in or near the tub.
  • Glass of any kind is not permitted in or near the tub. For safety purposes, please use plastic glasses; ask an Innkeeper for some if there are none in your room.
  • Noise levels must be kept to a respectful level. Please remember there are other guest suites right next to and above the hot tub.

Guests who have Jacuzzi tubs in their rooms are respectfully asked to refrain from running the jets after 9:00 p.m. and before 9:00 a.m. as the sound may disturb other guests in the house. Please enjoy a relaxing soak with our lavender-scented bubble bath outside those hours. To soothe aching muscles from a long day of island fun, you might try our Lavender Scented Bath Salts, available in the Gift Shop. Please ask an Innkeeper to assist you with your selection. If you’d like to enjoy a beverage while in the tub, for safety purposes, please use plastic glasses; there are some in the Upper Tucker House kitchen, or you can ask an Innkeeper.


We provide daily housekeeping service during your stay. We will replenish towels that are on the floor, and other amenities that might need restocking; we ask that you help us conserve water by hanging up those towels that can be re-used another day. Bed linens are changed every 3 days.

Please leave your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door if you prefer not to have service; we will do our best to respect your privacy. Remember to remove the sign before going out if you would like your room or suite freshened by our housekeeping staff. If the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is on the door when they arrive, housekeeping will respect your wishes and privacy. Please call us to reschedule housekeeping service; they are available up to 4:30 p.m. daily. If you do not wish to have housekeeping services, and have had a breakfast delivery, please put your breakfast tray outside your room so the housekeepers can return it to the kitchen.


There is Wi-Fi access throughout the property, with four networks for your convenience, HHTH, HHTH2, HHTH_EXT, and TH1. The password for all is cafebabe01. Encryption for HHTH2, HHTH_EXT, and TH1 is WPA. HHTH is WEP and authentication is Open.

If you did not bring your own laptop, there is a notebook computer available for your use in the living room of the Upper Tucker House.


There are irons and ironing boards in the Guest Laundry, larger suites, and in the cottages. If you do not see one, please let us know and we will locate one for your use.


The kitchen in the Upper Tucker House (on the corner of Nichols and ‘C’ Street) is for guest use.  Feel free to use the white refrigerator, ice, wine glasses, coffee or tea, and microwave goodies at any time. Out of respect for other guests, we ask that you keep noise levels down, particularly during our quiet hours of 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. There are also two grills that are for common use, one off the main deck for the Tucker House, and the other behind the Garden Room Café. If you are planning a picnic and need disposable flatware, our Innkeeper will be happy to provide some for you. We appreciate your leaving our silver flatware in the kitchens at the Inn.


Guests are invited to enjoy games, puzzles, and selections from our collection of books located in the living room of the Upper Tucker House. We offer a book swap – leave a book that you are finished reading, and take another book with you for the rest of your journey. In the Reception Center at the Upper Tucker House we also offer bird guides, historical references, island maps and marine mammal guides for your use during your stay. We ask that you do not consider our reference books as part of the book swap. If you borrow them, please return them to the Reception Center so that others might also use them.


With all the fun and excitement, it can be hard keeping track of everything. If you have lost or misplaced an item please let our Guest Services Coordinator know, 360-378-3587. We will do our best to locate the item and reunite you with it, even if it is after you have checked out.


We are happy to store luggage while you enjoy your last few hours on the Island. There are luggage tags in the Reception Center of the Upper Tucker House; please put your name and date that you will pick up your luggage on a GOLD  tag, and staple one to each bag. You may leave your luggage in the Upper Tucker House living room near the grandfather clock. If you are leaving your luggage for more than a day, our staff will remove it from the living room to a locked storage room for you.


We offer on-site massages in specific guest rooms, suites and cottages. We request 24-48 hours notice to arrange a massage therapist for you, particularly during the busy summer season. If we are unable to accommodate your request on-site, we will be happy to arrange services for you at a near-by day spa.


Although we hope a visit to the medical center will not be on your itinerary, if you are hurt or injured and need medical attention, please contact the Peace Island Medical Center, 360-378-2141, located at 1117 Spring Street, up the hill from the harbor, just past the airport turn-off. The walk-in clinic portion is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Emergency Room is open 24 hours, seven days a week. It is located on the same campus at 1117 Spring Street (up the hill from the harbor.)  If you have a life threatening emergency, or are in need of an ambulance or emergency medical technician, dial 911, or contact your innkeeper so that they can dispatch medical assistance. For simple first aid such as an ice pack or a Band-Aid, contact an innkeeper for assistance, 360-378-3587.


If you are planning a family reunion, wedding or corporate retreat, our staff can help you make it a reality. Our inns are perfectly suited to groups traveling together, and can accommodate upwards of 64 guests. We offer boardroom style meeting space or dining for up to 12 in our Garden Room Café, and informal or retreat style meeting  or party space for up to 20 in our San Juan Suite when available. Coho Restaurant is available for use for meeting space, outside of our regularly scheduled dinner service hours, or private dining.

Tucker House Inn offers several locations for outdoor festivities, and our staff is well versed in coordinating wedding details. We offer full catering and bar service for groups from 2 to 200. We are happy to coordinate transportation, welcome baskets, lunches/dinners, team building activities, and anything else your group event may require.


We are pleased to offer complimentary on-site parking in any of our four gravel lots; please refer to the property map for locations. When parking, please remember there are other guests who will be coming in; we ask that you observe the designated yellow markers. When parking in front of Harrison House, please pull forward towards the small lattice fence to allow room for four vehicles to park on the street. In addition to our gravel lots, un-metered parking is available on the “house” side of ‘B’ Street, across from the park. Please note that the side of ‘B’ Street next to the park is metered, so care should be taken to read signage and time limits prior to parking.


We love to welcome four-legged guests to the Inns. There is a dog run at the Tucker House that is open for all guests’ use. Friday Harbor is a pet-friendly town. Sunken Park, right across the street from the Lower Tucker House (on ‘B’ Street between Nichols and Harrison) is convenient for short walks. All the state and national parks welcome leashed four-legged friends as well. Jackson Beach is where the locals let their dogs run off leash.

There are dumpsters located at both the Harrison House and Tucker House for your convenience, and there is a dispenser for pickup bags at the dog run. “Clean-up” stations are located throughout Friday Harbor, including at the entrances of Sunken Park (“B” Street between Harrison and Nichols Street), on Harrison Street before the ferry loading area, and at the corner of Nichols/Argyle/Spring in front of Wells Fargo. Please help us keep Friday Harbor pet friendly; carry bags with you when walking your dog(s), and pick up waste.

We are happy to provide a list of recommend pet-sitters and day care facilities for your furry friend. Please contact our Guest Services Coordinator for assistance, 360-378-3587.

If your pet has a medical emergency, please contact our Innkeeper or Guest Services Coordinator so we may refer you to an emergency veterinarian.


As a Green Hotel we appreciate your assistance with our recycling program. All of our cottages and suites have blue recycling containers. Please use them to dispose clean co-mingled, glass bottles, plastic, paper, and cans. If you are staying in one of our guest rooms, our housekeepers will recycle your items if you leave them next to your trash can. There are two dumpsters on the property for your convenience – one on C Street between the Harrison House and Tucker House, and one on B Street between the Upper and Lower Tucker House.


If you are enjoying the amenities in your room, including the luxurious bathrobes or our skin care products, please check out our gift shop in the Reception Center of the Upper Tucker House or the Garden Room Café at the Harrison House. If you do not see what you are looking for, ask an Innkeeper or call our Guest Services Coordinator, 360-378-3587. To save space in your luggage for other island souvenirs, we are happy to ship any products to your door.


The guest kitchens in the suites and cottages at both the Harrison House and Tucker House, along with the common guest kitchen located in the Upper Tucker House, are stocked for your convenience. You should find coffee, tea, juice, milk or milk powder (Upper Tucker House kitchen), our housemade hot cocoa mix, popcorn, oatmeal and granola bars, in addition to our house blended spices, cookware, and tableware. There is an inventory detailing the contents of your kitchen located in the upper cabinet interior door. Ice and ice buckets are available in the common guest kitchen located in the Upper Tucker House. If there is something else you need, please let us know.

All of the bathrooms are stocked with bath soap, foaming hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bubble bath (guest rooms and suites with tubs) and a hairdryer (in a black embroidered bag). If refills are needed, or if there is something we overlooked, please let us know so we can promptly assist you.

Please check with us if you are in need of basic toiletries – we have a small supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors on hand.

We ask that you please use the black washcloths for makeup removal.


There are several companies that offer Taxi Services around the Island. Classic Cab (360-378-7519), Bob’s Taxi (360-378-6777), San Juan Taxi (360-378-3550) and Friday Harbor Taxi (360-378-4434).


There is a house phone located in the Upper Tucker House for local calls, or to contact the Innkeepers during your stay.


You can rent mopeds and cars from Susie’s Mopeds (360-378-6262), located on Nichols Street two blocks from the Inns, across from Coho Restaurant. Ask our Guest Services Coordinator for assistance with your moped selection and reservation.

M&W Auto Rentals (360-378-2794), on Spring Street across from the Best Western, offers automobile and van rentals on a 24-hour basis, and they will pick you up at the inns.

During the summer, San Juan Transit (360-378-8887) offers shuttle service throughout the Island. Ask your Innkeeper for a current schedule, or pick one up in the Upper Tucker House Reception Center.


The guest suites are equipped with televisions, cable and VCR’s and most have DVD players. Guests are invited to enjoy our collection of oldie but goodie VHS’s located in the Upper Tucker House (Nichols and C Street) living room. Please help yourself; when you are finished viewing the movie, please rewind and replace. Should you require other titles not available in our collection, you can rent DVDs at The Big Store located at 420 Argyle Avenue at the gas station.

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