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Live & Learn @ the Library – Introduction to Akashic Records – Nov 2

Jandira Shelley, an Akashic Records Consultant trained by Akashic Records Consultants International, will define the Akashic Records, give examples form her own life of how the Records can be used to further spiritual growth and will facilitate a group opening of the Akashic Records so that the audience can experience firsthand working in thes “most Sacred Field of Energy.”
Introduction to Akashic Records
6:30 p.m. San Juan Island Library meeting room, free. Jandira Shelley, an Akashic Records consultant who was trained by Akashic Records International, explains “the Akashic Records, a living, ever-expanding energy field, collects and records each individual soul’s journey from inception forward to current life and into the projected future. The Akashic Records constantly up-date and record every thought, word, emotion and deed generated by our life experiences.  If your passion is to delve within the inner recesses of your soul to discover previously unknown aspects about yourself, then learning about what it means to ‘open’ to the insight and sacred wisdom of your Akashic Records could be the next step in your spiritual evolution.”  During this program, Jandira Shelley will define the Akashic Records and describe how she has used the Records to inform her daily decisions, discover and release self-sabotaging patterns, and free herself of fears, insecurities and judgments.  Volunteers from the audience will participate in demonstrating an actual Akashic Records group reading.  For more information on Jandira and Akashic Records, see her website.

Registration encouraged; call 360 378-2798 to register.

SJI Library

Guard Street

6:30pm in the Meeting Room

Admission Free

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