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New San Juan Island Author – The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting GoWe are avid supporters of “all things island,” and our fondness for local artists and authors is included. Several of us at the Inns see the author of the newest “island book” on a professional level for health-related issues as well as yoga instruction, so we are particularly excited about this insightful work.

Nicholas Corrin, owner of Friday Harbor Holistic Health, has just released The Power of Letting Go: Transforming Fear Into Love. This remarkable book is both an inner journey and a manual for survival. In our world of financial turmoil, environmental collapse and frantic change, it is easy for many of us to succumb to fear, panic or be overwhelmed. Here, Nicholas offers us a powerful alternative: how to transform such paralyzing states into the strength and courage of Love. By Love, he means not so much an emotion, as a deep, primordial connection with each other and with all that exists. By tapping into Oneness, we regain inner poise, rediscover forgotten wisdom, and reignite our innate powers. This allows us to be more grounded, and to dwell in this challenging world in positive ways.

About the Book:

Composed of short, flowing chapters and reinforced with meditative exercises, this book is a tool for regeneration of the human spirit. Interweaving contemplation of the natural world with an historic probing of science and spirituality, Nicholas explains how, whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion, including the new “religion” of science, the source always lies in Nature. And humans will only find a way out of our current crises through re-identifying with Nature.

“Nicholas Corrin has accomplished what few writers have been able to do; he has drawn from the wisdom of the ages, as well as from current scientific research and ground-breaking discoveries. Combined with a lifetime of experience in the healing arts, Nicholas has condensed this wisdom into a single volume, and has done so in a style comprehensible to the average reader. This is not a work of theory or conjecture, but one that provides solutions that address many of the problems that plague the body, mind and soul of mankind today. This is more than a self-help book… it is a must-read for complicated times.” —Northwest Literary Review

About Author Nicholas Corrin:

Nicholas professes he tends to be a thorn in the side of the establishment, challenging and occasionally mocking views anchored in conformism and rigid thinking.  His training both in Europe and the US, has been long and diverse, spanning literature, medicine, history, art and foreign languages. But most of all, he credits direct observation of nature for teaching him what he knows.

For More Information: contact: John P. Geyman, M.D. • 50 Oak Hill Drive, Unit #D, Friday Harbor, WA 98250; 360-378-6264 (phone); 360-378-6156 (fax);; Copernicus Healthcare Nonfiction; $19.95.
Available soon at Amazon and through the Ingram Book catalog.

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