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Thank You to Lummi Nation for Letter to Army Corp of Engineers

Lummi Nation Protest Coal - TreatyProtectiondotOrg
Photo Courtesy of Lummi Nation

We would like to thank the Lummi Nation for submitting a formal letter to the Army Corps of Engineers declaring their opposition to the Gateway Pacific coal terminal project. Though they had previously submitted extensive documentation stating their opposition and the reasons why, the Army Corp of Engineers was looking for a “formal response.”

The Lummi Nation letter is a concise, well-written message of the Lummi stance: that the proposed projects cannot be developed in a manner that does not amount to significant impairment on the treaty fishing rights, and any impact on the Lummi treaty fishing rights is inherently a negative impact on the Lummi way of life.

According to John Stark of the Bellingham Herald, “the Army Corps has the authority to grant some key permits that SSA Marine of Seattle will need in order to construct its three-vessel pier at Cherry Point. On other projects, the federal agency has refused to process permit applications if Indian tribes contend that those projects would violate their treaty rights as defined by numerous federal court rulings.”

If the Army Corps follow suit, that may just be the key to stopping the construction of the terminal at Cherry Point – no permits, no building.

But that doesn’t stop the land from being stripped, the coal trains from running, or the tankers from loading at other proposed terminals and passing through our waters. Public outcry is strong, but the monied proposers of this project have power; there is still much to do.

The Lummi Nation has an excellent website that details gas line spills, oil tanker blasts, oil spills, and the dirty business of transporting coal. “People in Support of Tomorrow” blogger David Roberts writes that a private Goldman Sachs report shows coal-export terminals are a bad investment, and gives detailed background on the economic side of the picture. Ironic since Goldman Sachs owns a substantial share of Carrix, the parent company of SSA Marine.

Please, take a moment to review the facts and make your voice heard.

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