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Goose in the Pond? Dove in the Window?

As an Innkeeper checking guests into their rooms, I sometimes notice a puzzled look when I tell them they will be residing in a room called Castle Wall or Four Winds. Granted, these are unusual names if you are not a quilter. All of the rooms in the Tucker House Inn, Friday Harbor, Washington, are named after quilt patterns.

Goose in the Pond Quilt Pattern
Goose in the Pond Quilt Pattern

Quilting has been with us for centuries. People from all over the world used bits of fabric sewn together for clothing, bedding, and decor. The term “quilt” comes from the Latin name for “stuffed sack”. Not a very pretty description for the craft which results in creative heirlooms.

Many of the Island women carried on the tradition of quilting from pioneer times here up to the present. The San Juan Museum of History has a number of cherished family quilts in its collection, and there is a vibrant community of modern quilters who are a part of Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild in Friday Harbor. You will see many of their products at the San Juan County Fair in mid-August.

Many of the rooms in Tucker House have an example of their namesake quilt pattern on the wall just beside the door to the room. Enjoy sharing the history of this lovely craft during your stay by visiting the San Juan Historical Museum and some of the island art studios who deal in fabric art.

Dove in the Window quilt pattern
Dove in the Window
Castle Wall Quilt Pattern
Castle Wall Quilt Pattern

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