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Where are the Whales?

Southern Resident Orcas eat only salmon; humans needs to support sustainable practices to ensure adequate food for these magnificent creatures.
Photo Courtesy of Center for Whale Research and Orca Network

This report came in from Orca Network, July 30, 2013:

“It’s been over a week since the last sightings report, mainly because it’s been since July 20 that anyone has reported seeing any Resident orcas, and Biggs/Transient orcas have also only rarely been seen for the past ten days or so. It’s unheard of for the Residents to be away from the inland waters for so many days in June and July. Almost certainly they’re out in the open Pacific ocean along the continental shelf, but why? The short answer, confirmed by reams of studies since 2005 when J, K, and L pods were declared endangered, is they simply can’t find enough Chinook salmon. Chinook were plentiful here all months of every year for thousands of years until the past few decades, and long ago Southern Residents based their highly specialized diet almost entirely on Chinook. Now Chinook are dwindling from California to BC, and these orcas have to work harder than ever to find enough to eat. ”

If you enjoy whale watching in the San Juan Islands, you might want to read this highly informative article by Monika Wieland titled: Where Are the Whales?” More importantly, please remember to support sustainable fishing practices and vote for politicians who work to protect our oceans. The whales need us to be good stewards of their home waters.Spread the word; collectively, we can make a difference.

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