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A Day in the Life of a Dog on the San Juan Island

dogs on san juan island Hello! My name is Korbel and I would like to think of myself as the Dog-rector of Pet Relations at the San Juan Island Inn Collection. I, along with my Mom, Dad, my brother from another mother, and our cat have not been on the Island for very long. I would, however, like to explain a little bit about Island life from a four-legged stand point. No pun intended.

What’s up with this Weather?

So to begin, I must share my appreciation for the Island climate, heck the Pacific Northwest climate actually. I don’t believe you can get better than this when it comes to daily temperatures and conditions. Coming from just about every corner of the country, I find myself loving this weather pattern the best. I spent time in the South, Northern Michigan, and I can’t forget the desert. Whew! Can you say HOT!?

The San Juan Island really has the best of all worlds. Summers are crisp at night, warm throughout the day with mostly sunny skies. Fall and Spring are the absolute best of the best. Now for the shoulder season, (I have heard my Mom use that term) a time for Islanders to take a breath, relax, and allow themselves a moment to reflect on another very busy summer season. This climate in my opinion is the best! It is quite cool in the evening. With this lack of daylight, one should be spending that time in front of the fireplace with family and friends, catching up on all that was accomplished over the busy season. Laughing and reminiscing over those funny events that one does to get through the “hectic” time. Aw…..now I don’t want to make it sound unbearable, not even for a moment.

When you think of Friday Harbor in the summer, you could compare it to Disney World in the winter, or Vail in the winter or even Martha’s Vineyard in the summer. See, we all have those times in our lives.

Got Lost Chasing my Tail for a Moment

Wait a minute here, I was about to talk about me and my transition to this place. First off, I believe that this little Island and the Island life is extremely conducive to animals, dogs in particular. My sister, the cat, doesn’t really care too much to share an opinion. cats on san juan island Everyone seems to be very tolerant of us….you know…dogs. Walking around town I always seem to stumble over a water bowl in front of the many cute and inviting store fronts. Whether it’s an ice cream shop, quaint boutiques, or even restaurants – they encourage you to stop, take a breath, and try a tasting.

Speaking of restaurants, there are so many dog friendly ones to choose from, albeit they are on outside patios, but seriously that is more mine and my brother’s style. You get a whiff of clean crisp Island air and the intermittent scent of freshly baked fish or pastries scoot past the ole nose.

Can you Guess my Favorite Part of the San Juan Island?

dogs on san juan island Good grief, I haven’t even mentioned the amount of things to do here other than staying in town. The beaches and the beaches and the beaches. Did I mention the beaches? The water is nippy, I’ll say that, but on a hot summer’s day, that’s what my kind look for. The parks are plentiful with amazing open air hikes or a walk through what feels like a rain forest. Oh ya, no bears or poison ivy…..really? Love it!!! I see so many happy k-9’s taking their family for hikes and adventures, it’s not funny. Have you ever seen a dog smile? I do all the time, especially when I catch my own reflection in the water.

Friday Harbor has been a real treat for the family and we all seem to be enjoying the shoulder season, along with the short and chilly days that come with it. I am proud to call Friday Harbor, Washington my home and I am going to take in every minute I can.

Please Visit Me – I Admit Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes

If you would like to meet me, book a room, cottage, or suite at the Harrison House Suite or Tucker House Inn. They are both properties of the San Juan Island Inn Collection. We will have pupcakes for you upon arrival. You can even bring your humans – How cool is that!

Korbel ~ Dog-rector of the San Juan Island Inn Collection

P.S. It is rather difficult to type on my Mom’s tiny keyboard with these paws of mine.

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