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Five Reasons to Consider Choosing a B&B

Tucker House Inn - Victoria's Flower Garden Suite Sunroom

The past 5 years has seen a steady incline in demand for bed and breakfast inns. So what’s the big deal? Why are more and more travelers choosing non-traditional accommodations for their vacations? I’ll tell you why! It’s the personal touches, fabulous food, and above average service. For those of you still hesitant to join this new trend, here are 5 reasons to choose a B&B over a franchised hotel:

  1. A Sense of Community

    When you take the plunge and book with a B&B, you’re unknowingly joining a community of like-minded individuals. And when you’re there, that community changes on a daily basis. You may chat about local restaurants at breakfast one day and the next you may find yourself laughing about your favorite childhood memories. Although there is a sense of community, that doesn’t mean you have to share everything with your neighbors. Myth: You have to share a bathroom with everyone. B&Bs differ from hostels in that most do provide a sense of privacy – including having your own bathroom!

  2. Unique Rooms and History

    No B&B is the same. Whether it used to be the home of a Duke and Dutchess or a farmhouse built from the ground up by its owners, there is always a story to tell. Your room adds to and is a part of your whole experience. Unlike the uniform rooms available at a hotel, B&B’s offer a selection of one-of-a-kind rooms or suites.

    San Juan Island Cottages steps from Friday Harbor ferry

  3. Personable

    Odds are that you will interact with most of the staff when staying at a B&B. They go above and beyond to ensure you are enjoying your stay. This means they will make an extra effort to get to know you and share a little bit about their own lives. That being said, if you are not a social butterfly, there is no need to be apprehensive about staying at a B&B.  Myth: You have to be outgoing. There is never any pressure to get to know your Innkeepers or fellow travelers. Personal preferences are respected and welcomed at B&Bs.

  4. More for your Money

    Let’s think about this for a second. At most hotels, you have a bed and a bathroom with some commercial-grade products available. Breakfast may be included, but it’s usually a basic arrangement. Myth: B&Bs are more expensive than hotels. When you calculate in everything you get when you stay at a B&B, there is little to no variance between hotel and B&B prices. You are more likely to receive a high quality breakfast, unique products, and a variety of  special services. Your accommodations quickly transform into a memorable part of your vacation. Why do you think so many people refuse to stay anywhere but a B&B now?

  5. Candidness

    How many times has a company sent you in circles to try and talk to the right person in order to figure something out? Corporate hotels have policy upon policy in place to protect their own profits. B&Bs pride themselves on being very open and honest with their guests in order to foster a positive relationship. When you call a B&B, if the person you are speaking can’t help you, they will surely find the person who will be able to help you.

Stay with us at the Harrison House Suites

Come join our community and get to know a little bit about our history! Our welcoming team is more than happy to accommodate your requests. Our guests “come as strangers, leave as friends and return as part of the extended family.” Find your perfectly unique room today online or by giving us a call.

Until Next Time,

Nikki ~ Guest Relations Coordinator

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