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Friday Harbor Pet-Friendly Inn Pampers Pooches

harrison house Pet-Friendly Inn welcomes all four-legged critters
Inn guest Lulu really enjoyed her Pupcake!

People who have pets in the home usually wouldn’t want it any other way. Pets add a sense of calm and love, sometimes fun, sometimes exasperating. We’ve all heard of pets who participate in therapy programs to assist humans in hospitals and assisted living, and studies have been done proving the benefits of having pets. In this cute video, Dr. Michael Greger even addresses which pets are more beneficial for human health: dogs, cats, or rodents like hamsters and gerbils.

Cat lovers know that cats are pretty independent, but dogs consider themselves part of the pack. Where the alpha dog goes, they go too – at least that’s how it should be from a dog’s prespective.

A the Inns, we all love animals, but dogs hold a special place in our heart. On arrival, humans get house-made cookies, and canines get our original Pupcakes – tasty cupcakes made of all things dogs like, such as cheddar cheese, apples, olive oil, yogurt, oats, eggs, honey, and garlic. On subsequent nights, they get a house-made biscuit of varying flavors, peanut butter being the most popular, of course.

Guests traveling with doggies are also provided a special food/water bowl, and towels adorned by Chef/Innkeeper Molly – just so they won’t get mixed up with the people towels. Molly had a field day hand-painting designs on the towels, each of them unique. Canine guests at harrison house Pet-Friendly Inn get special treats and their own hand-painted towels.

We also have a fenced run and plenty of waste pick-up bags. Since we’re in a residential area, there are lots of good places around the Inns to walk and sniff to any pup’s content. Friday Harbor is a pet-friendly town, and often merchants put water bowls out for thirsty doggies.

Our Guest Services Coordinator can set you up with pet sitting services or day care if you want to participate in boating or other activities where pets are not allowed.

So there’s no need to break up the pack; feel free to bring Fido along, and please send us photos of your pet enjoying the island – we’ll post it on our Pinterest board!



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