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Top 5 Gourmet Boutiques: Friday Harbor’s Finest Treats

Any time of year is a good time to know the gourmet food shops in Friday Harbor, but this is crucial information during the Christmas season. If you are lucky enough to find your self on San Juan Island this holiday season, you might just find yourself stocking up on stocking stuffers!

1. San Juan Coffee Roasters

Let us go on an island tour of delights. The journey begins right where the ferry stops; on Cannery Landing you will find San Juan Coffee Roasters. The Herring family has been roasting fresh coffee on the island since 1989. They serve expertly crafted espresso drinks, a true Italian delicacy. For example you can order a Café Borgia, a double shot of espresso added to Ghirardelli chocolate syrup and real orange zest, then steamed milk and whipped cream to top it off. This a superb way to put pep to your step and start your Friday Harbor shopping experience.

While you are there, the experts can help you choose the roast of coffee that best suites your personal preference.  San Juan Coffee fresh roasts exotic Estate Grown coffees from around the world.  Their small batch roast is a true artisan practice that they have spent the last twenty years perfecting.  A pound of coffee make a really good stocking stuffer or gifts for your neighbors and friends. Everyone loves waking up to a cup with the taste of San Juan Coffee. That is a tried and true statement for The San Juan Island Collection. We proudly serve San Juan Coffee here at the San Juan island Inn Collection.


2. The Gourmet’s Galley

Now, stroll right down the lane and head up Spring Street to The Gourmet Galley, a historical resident of downtown Friday Harbor. They have been supplying the island with tool for serious cooks, rare spices, and esoteric sweets for forty-nine years! This is a true Friday Harbor staple for the locals and visitors alike. When you need a special spice to make that Indian food dish completely right, or the very best cast iron skillet, Gourmet Galley is where you go.

No stocking, for an at home chef, is complete without a fresh spoon, spatula, and artisan crafted dishtowel. You can find an excellent selection of all of these items. Do not forget to check the isles of the sweet treats; this is where you will find a fine assortment of chocolates from around the world and an extensive licorice selection for the lovers of licorice.  Gourmet Galley also has an excellently curated selection of teas from around the world. The staff is very well educated and dedicated to spreading the wealth of information that they have accumulated over the forty-nine years of business. Last but not least, they have a small but mighty selection of Christmas ornaments that pay tribute to the islands. It is a true blessing to have Gourmet Galley in the town of Friday Harbor. 


3. Pelindaba Lavender Shop

Back out on Spring Street you can smell a scent of lavender mingling with the sea breeze.  You are in for a very big treat as you round the corner of First Street. Pelindaba Lavender is an amazing store featuring the finest lavender products in the world. As you enter the store the light purple glow resets your nervous system and begins to ease all stress away. Here you will find ways to infuse your life with this therapeutic herb that will greatly increase your calmness and sense of peace.  From savory to sweet, lavender lends its hand to elevate the culinary experience. 

The lavender gourmet salt and pepper grinders are a great addition to any meat, seafood, or poultry dish. The organic lavender green tea is a true delight that is sure to set your day just right with added calm energy. And never to be forgotten for the stocking, organic lavender chocolate, wrapped into beautiful bars that sparkle with the signature purple glow.  All of the lavender is grown and processed organically on San Juan Island. It is a world-class operation and a true sight to be seen. You may tour the farm while you visit the island and shop in the store while you stroll though town, both locations hold many treasures to be found. Pelindaba Lavender is an amazing experience to behold. As you leave the store you will feel like you are floating.



4. Friday Harbor Chocolates

Use the buoyancy of your steps to carry you just north on Spring Street to Friday Harbor Chocolates. In this timeless shop and you will be greeted by Aylene Geringer’s beautiful smiling face.  Aylene is the newest neighbor on the block; she opened the door of this fine store in 2017. She has an amazing selection of gourmet artisan chocolates, port, and wine. The selection is the crème de la crème!

When you visit Friday Harbor Chocolate you will find a wealth of information flowing from behind the counter. Aylene is very well versed in her knowledge of the products she carries. They are able to sample different ports and wines to assure that you have made the right selection. No stocking is complete without rare treats such as a fine port or a Mr. Clause truffle.  Friday Harbor Chocolates in a destination shop that provides a selection of the finest delights to top off any celebration.


5. House of Jerky

Our final destination is just across Spring Street, Friday Harbor House of Jerky. They have been serving up the finest jerky in the state of Washington since 2012. The folks at HOJ make it the old fashion way, beginning the process by using whole-muscle cut meat. They then season it with different marinates and secret recipe rubs, before slicing it into long strips. In the final stage, they dry it.

Their process never uses sulfates, nitrates, or MSG to preserve the jerky. Plus, they are very generous with samples and enjoy discussing the diverse seasonings and spices they use in all their flavors; from traditional beef jerky to their most obscure, python jerky! If you have a meat eater in your life, Friday Harbor Jerky House is a great place to pick up a bag of gourmet jerky to top off their stocking.

At the end of a Friday Harbor specialty food journey you will find yourself with a variety of gathered goodies that are sure to please. So bundle up and hit the streets with a Santa sack to fill with the most delectable treats that our island has to offer. Your cozy suite will be waiting for you at the Tucker House Inn and Harrison House Suites when you’re done.

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