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Whale Museum Looks for Votes to Name L-119


L119-NameTheBaby-PromoPicCast Your Vote to Name L-119, the New Orca Calf!

Each year The Whale Museum gives names to calves of the Southern Resident Community who have survived a full winter. This year, it’s time to name L-119 (female), first seen in May of 2012 and the offspring of Matia (L-77).

Over the years there have been many different ways in which the Southern Resident orcas have been named through The Whale Museum. For the last few years, the Name the Baby Contest has been very popular. Members of The Whale Museum may suggest names for the ballot. Of the names suggested, based on certain criteria, four potential names were selected for L-119, and then placed on the ballot below. This year you can vote for your favorite name through September 8 in the Exhibit Hall at The Whale Museum, via our website, or at the San Juan County Fair August 14-17.

The Name Options for L-119 are:

  • Puffin: A tiny island nestled next to Matia Island, just as a calf spends most of its time next to its mother; also a beautiful marine bird
  • Patos: Along with Matia, one of the 3 northernmost islands in the San Juan Archipelago
  • Cypress: Cypress Island is in Rosario Strait, halfway between the mainland and the San Juan Islands
  • Joy: For the joy and hope this calf brings

Chose one and vote by sending an email with your name choice to:

The new calf name will be announced in mid-September.

After a calf receives a name, it is entered into the Orca Adoption Program and is available to be symbolically adopted. It is only through an understanding of the orcas’ needs for a healthy habitat and plentiful food resources that we can develop the conservation policies which will ensure their survival. The Whale Museum is committed to providing a variety of education programs to share information on how we all can help. Orca Adoptions help support this mission. Adopt-an-Orca today! Click on Meet the Whales to select the whale you want to symbolically adopt.

For more information, contact The Whale Museum, 360.378-4710.

To learn about the Samish Indian Nation potlatch naming ceremony for J-49, the newest J-pod calf, see our blog post.


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