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What to do Without WiFi on the San Juan Islands

Once you get to the San Juans, you’ll notice that there isn’t always great reception on the island. But who needs it when you have so much to explore? If you are looking for a data detox and need some help detaching from your online life, then we’ve created a great list of WiFi-free things to do on the island designed for you!

Go For A Hike:

Start off your data detox with a nice escape to the outdoors. Walk around the island at one of the many parks and open areas to detach yourself from your online life and bask in the stunning natural beauty of the island. From long soulful walks along the oceanside to moderately difficult paths to the tallest points on the island, you can choose a hike that suits you. Read our previous blog post to find 7 of the Best Hikes in Washington.

Grab a Beer:

Head into the San Juan Brewing Company and grab a flight of beer samples. Try them all or settle on a pint of one of their classics. During the summertime, musicians often take over the patio with upbeat entertainment and during the winter months, you’ll find nightly activities like trivia nights to bring travelers and locals together for a little healthy competition. If you want to check out the beer scene across the San Juan Islands, read our blog post Tap Into the San Juan Island’s Beer Scene.

Play Some Card Games:

Do you know what goes surprisingly well with a pint of beer? A round of cards. You can pick up a deck at any souvenir shop and play some of your old favorites like Rummy, Crazy Eights, or War with your friends and family. It’s crazy how much you can bond with the people around you over a simple deck of cards. You can play cards in the local brewery with some food and beer for dinner or bring it back to your suite and deal cards all night long. After you realize how much fun it is to connect with your family over a competitive game of Rummy, you may want to arrange a WiFi-free family game night at home!

Go to the Whale Museum:

Google doesn’t give you hands-on activities to learn about San Juan’s largest residents, but the Whale Museum sure does! You can check out their map of recent sightings and plan your next excursion, learn about the genealogy of the resident whales, and inspect real whale skeletons. You won’t even miss the internet with all of these fun activities through the museum.

Get to Know Your Fellow Travelers:

The San Juan Islands are known around the world as one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. That being said, a wide variety of people come from all over to explore this little slice of Pacific Northwest paradise. Get to know your fellow travelers at the Tucker House Inn over breakfast in the café or while exploring the property. Share stories about your past travel, swap insider secrets to your favorite destinations, and compare itineraries for your vacation on the islands. You never know what kind of lifelong friends you may meet.

Bike Around Downtown:

When staying at the Tucker House Inn, you are free to use the provided bicycles during your stay. Take them out for a spin around the town! For a fun, full-day activity, you can ride out to the peninsula just east of town. Peddle out on Turn Point Rd towards Kansas Cove and gaze out upon Turn Island State Park and watch the boats navigate in and out of the channel. Then circle down Pear Point Rd to get to Pear Point Farm where you can pick your own strawberries during the summertime or pick up some fresh produce at their farm stand. Keep heading west on Pear Point Rd until you hit the Jackson Beach Park and stretch your legs on this idyllic San Juan beach. Once you hit Argyle Ave, you can ride that all the way back to the inn.

Attend a Local Event:

It is a rare day when there isn’t an event going on somewhere on San Juan Island. Friday Harbor often throws large events from holiday parades to summer festivals and farmers and art markets year-round. On top of that, the local businesses and farms are always hosting gatherings like wine nights, backyard concerts, and obscure holidays. Pro Tip: If you have never celebrated National Alpaca Day at Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm, then you are really missing out.

After a couple of these WiFi-free activities, you may forget you even own a phone! Breakaway from your digital life and spend a little time reconnecting with the people around you on a trip to the San Juan Islands.

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