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What You Should Know About Elves but are Afraid to Ask

woman in an elf costume standing next to another woman

elves in the san juans Jeepers where do I begin..?

Let’s see. I am 269 years old, however elves never act or look their age.  We come in all shapes and sizes and I know that most of you out there think we are tiny with big ears.  Well… 1 out of 2 isn’t bad.  When I say we come in all shapes and sizes, that is in fact a fact.  Some of us are 4 feet 2 inches tall, some are 6 feet 5 inches tall.  I have bumped into one a while back that was over 7 feet tall.  Not sure what department he was working in.

Oh yes, what do we do?  Just about everything.

What do you mean everything?

elves in the san juans

So let’s begin with our purpose. We of course live at the North Pole, but you already knew that.  We work 365 days of the year and enjoy each one.  Work is play for us and play is basically work.  You want an application now, don’t you?  We are employed by the big guy. The Jolly ol’ Fella. Kris Kringle. Saint Nick. Father Christmas. Santa Claus, just to name a few.  He is all the same to us.  He is our boss and he is loved by each and every one of us.

Preparing for the big day entails many duties by many bodies.  Everything from being a farm hand for the reindeer to running our state-of-the-art breeding program for every animal imaginable.  Where do you think that Christmas puppy came from, or those awesome guinea pigs?  Sheeeeesh! I bet you thought they just magically show up under the tree on the big morning.  I’m so glad I am here to clear a few things up for you.

Okay, back to the departments. We have Sports, Clothing, Toys, Automobile, Food – which is in conjunction with the sweet & treat department.  We also have Electronics, Education, Adventure and Travel departments.  Come to think about it, I probably can’t even name them all.  Now you get an idea of how many of us there are.  Not a day goes by where there’s nothing to do.  Each day is full of laughter, giggles and dancing. It’s kind of like our fuel.elves in the san juans

The big day flies by each year and before you know it, you’re 269 years old.  I certainly don’t feel old and my energy level continues to grow with each passing year.  Keeping up with the Big Guy keeps us all young at heart.  Actually, keeping up with you all keeps us young at heart.

Let’s talk spirit.

Spirit is a huge deal up here.  I’m sure you’ve seen this topic in many movies that come out around this time of year.  You really must understand that it’s the spirit of the season that keeps us going.  It’s basically our motivation. Without your spirit, things tend to slow down, production and energy wise.  Thanks to you, I don’t believe you’ve seen a slow or sad one of us.  I hope that is true, otherwise we do have a department for that as well.   Wink, wink.

elves in the san juans

Our nutrition?

I have had many of you ask, “what do you eat to keep you going?”  Well one thing I want to clear up is that we eat very healthy up here.  Lots of fruit and vegetables.  Yes, we slip now and then when it comes to hot chocolate and freshly made cookies, but exercise is the key.  I think the North Pole has one of the coolest gyms I have ever seen! There is rarely a wait for any of the equipment and you never have to share your lane in the swimming pool.  Now that’s pretty cool! Eat right and exercise often, and you can live a long time too.

I’m all ears!

elves in the san juans

Here is another topic that I would like to bring up. Often when I am out and about I catch people staring at my ears.  What?  Kidding, I can hear you.  Some of you will say that my ears look funny or phony.  Well that’s actually true. We elves have very special ears that allow us to hear all the wishes in the world from as far as the map will go.  In order to protect these amazing organs, we must be sure to cover them from the harmful elements that surround us. Perhaps now you don’t have to stare so long to see if my ears are real or fake.  The real ones are there, they are just being protected for my future of wish-hearing.

I certainly hope I have cleared up a few questions that you may have had about us elves.  We love you all and hope you enjoy our visits now and again.  We are representatives for the big guy and want to make sure we are making him proud wherever we are.

On behalf of myself and my many colleages I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and every other world-wide greetings surrounding this very special time of year.

See you soon,

Flurry the Elf.

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