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Ultimate Christmas Cookie Countdown: 12 Dangerously Delicious Holiday Treats

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Welcome to Christmas cookie season! We love counting down the days until the holiday by sharing recipes for sweet treats from the inn kitchen. From simple sugar cookies to showstoppers such as palmiers and linzer cookies, you’ll find us with a cup of coffee in one hand and something sugary and delicious in the other most days in December. Plus guests here at the Tucker House Inn & Harrison House Suites enjoy complimentary delivery of a freshly baked cookie every afternoon!

Looking for some fresh recipes to add to your Christmas cookie rotation? Read on and bake up the perfect cookie tray at home or send them to friends and family!

Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Gingerbread Persons

Whenever we think of Christmas treats, gingerbread cookies come to mind first. Their spice, their molasses flavor, and their charm are irresistible. Although the ingredients and method are similar across recipes, this version includes more molasses and spice (cinnamon, ginger, and cloves). This is a gingerbread cookie with a lot of flavor! Get the recipe…

Butter Spritz Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Butter Spritz Cookies

Butter spritz cookies are a favorite of both young and old alike. These cookies are easy to make. There is no wait for chilling the dough or time required for rolling out the dough to form Christmas shapes. All that is required is to mix the ingredients and put the dough into a cookie press. These sweet little cookies bake in under ten minutes, too! Get your baking supplies and all the sprinkles ready to start making your butter spritz treats. Get the recipe…

Coconut Macaroons

Christmas Cookie: Coconut Macaroons

Calling all coconut lovers! Coconut macaroons are gluten-free, so if you or loved ones have a gluten intolerance, this is the cookie for them. They are simple to make and not too sweet. They are chewy and moist on the inside with a crisp golden shell on the outside. We suggest dipping the cookies into dark chocolate, but if you’re not a chocolate fan, you can skip this step. During the holidays, we are surrounded by chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, so for something a bit lighter try this recipe! One of these morsels will be the perfect late-night or afternoon snack. Get the recipe…

Thumbprint Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are one of the most classic Christmas cookies in our recipe books. These cookies have a delicate shortbread base and warm jam center. They’re everything you want in a cookie and you’ll keep going back for more. Who’s counting? It’s the holidays. Get the recipe…


Christmas Cookie: Rugelach

This cookie is so adaptable, you can put nearly any type of filling in these sweet little treats. A cream cheese-based dough leaves them flaky and delicious. When they are fresh out of the oven, beware. They are buttery with a sweet cinnamon scent that will tempt you to eat the entire batch. Get the recipe…


Christmas Cookie: Hamantaschen

Hamantaschen are triangular-shaped cookies traditionally made to commemorate the Jewish celebration of Purim. These cookies may be filled with different things, but to keep this simple and foolproof we will use fruit preserves. A few of our favorites are orange marmalade and raspberry or plum preserves, but again the options are limitless. Get the recipe…

Snowflake Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Snowflake Cookies

We are big fans of simplicity. When it comes to cookies, we don’t want to mess around with the classics. This recipe has just five standard ingredients that most of us have on hand at home – flour, cornstarch, vanilla, confectioners sugar, and butter. Yet they all come together to create a truly magical treat. Get the recipe…


Christmas Cookie: Palmiers

Palmiers might be one of the most elegant cookies of all. They are so beautiful, flaky, and sweet. These cookies have only three ingredients, yes three! This is the perfect cookie to make if you do not have a lot of time, but you promised to bring a cookie tray to your holiday gathering. Get the recipe…

Linzer Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Linzer Cookies

These cookies always look like they are harder to make than they actually are, with their small window cut out that allows the jam to peek through. Your guests will think you spent days in the kitchen, when in reality it took you no time at all. Get the recipe…

“Cucidati” Italian Fig Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Fig cookies

Cucidati or fig cookies are a long-standing holiday tradition in many Italian/Sicilian households including my own. My grandmother would make hundreds of cookies every year during Christmas and these were one of everyone’s favorites. One of the amazing things about having recipes passed down through generations is that down the line an aunt tweaks this or a cousin adds that to make it their own. Here we have what we think is the original recipe that made us fall in love with this holiday cookie. Get the recipe…

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Chocolate Sugar Cookies

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but it’s always nice to change things up a bit from time to time. And with its added chocolate, this recipe is not just your average sugar cookie, but you still get to cut them into holiday shapes and decorate them with royal icing! Get the recipe…

Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookie: Sugar Cookies

This is a sugar cookie your grandma or great-grandma would recognize. It has a tender, shortbread texture that comes from a good butter base that will hold for days after baking. The recipe is a perfect starting point for bakers of all skill levels, and we added a great foolproof icing recipe to help you decorate these beauties. They will definitely be a show stopper on your Christmas cookie plate this year! Get the recipe…


Have a holiday favorite? Connect with us on Facebook @TuckerHouseInn and let us know what’s cooking in your kitchen this holiday season!

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